Your business needs access to reliable and dependable IT hardware and software so that it can enjoy an edge in a fiercely competitive marketplace. Silver Star Electronics is the right IT hardware and software solution provider, who anticipates your needs and provides lasting solutions that fit into your existing infrastructure. We are a leading IT hardware and software reseller in Dubai and provide access to global brands, including HP, Cisco, Dell, Apple, Adobe, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, and Microsoft across UAE and other GGC regions.


Enjoy a Competitive Edge in a Digital Marketplace

End-to-End Hardware and Software Support in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and other GCC Countries

Technology is rapidly evolving and it is necessary that your hardware keeps pace with the changes. At Silver Star Electronics in UAE, we make sure that your organisation enjoys the perks of digital transformation with the right hardware and software. You never have to contend with crashes, poorly functioning devices, or legacy systems that are not aligned with the requirements of a digitally connected world.


With Silver Star Electronics, you can rest assured that our hardware and software support services that we offer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other parts of UAE & GGC regions, not only maintain your hardware and devices but we proactively resolve hardware issues before they compound. We also troubleshoot issues to provide quick solutions. 

We realise that hardware tends to age with use and it also becomes outdated as technologies advance. Silver Star Electronics will always be there when you need to upgrade or source new hardware. We partner with big and small organisations in Dubai and other parts of UAE as their preferred hardware vendor and supplier. As a part of our hardware & software support services in UAE, we supply: 

• Computers

• Handheld devices

• Smartphones

• Laptops

• Cloud computing devices

• Firewall devices

• Monitors

• Printers

• Servers

• Storage devices

• Access points

• Routers

• Audio-visual devices and accessories

• Software licences

Why SSE is a Leader in Hardware and Software Support

At Silver Star Electronics, we commit to offering top-notch services and give you all the reasons to choose us for your IT hardware and software needs. Here is why SSE is a leader in Hardware and Software support across UAE and other GCC countries:

  • Source hardware from renowned global brands

  • Certified technicians to offer seamless hardware and software support

  • Working within your budget, without compromising on quality

  • Providing licensed software with minimal risk

  • Seamless integration of hardware and software into your network

  • 24/7 remote and online support

We make it a point to understand your requirements and ensure you get the hardware that is the right fit for your business. We source hardware at affordable costs and from renowned global brands so that you enjoy manufacturer’s warranty on new products. Our hardware and software maintenance services are designed to support your most essential IT needs.

We have certified technicians to provide seamless IT hardware and software support that your business requires and you never have to worry about downtime affecting your business and customer relations. Our technicians are experts and will work with you to first understand your business’ requirements to find the right configuration and then we seamlessly integrate it into your network.

As one of the leading IT support companies in Dubai, we always make it a point to work within your budget and without compromising quality or specifications. We upgrade software, provide patches, and ensure your antivirus programmes are up-to-date. We ensure you always work with licensed software and this minimises security and business risks while ensuring compliance and keeping your IT costs down.  

Benefit from Our Responsive Support across UAE and other GCC Countries

Silver Star Electronics is a leading IT hardware and software solution provider and we strive to provide our clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across parts of UAE & other GCC regions with services that generate high return on investment. We plan and manage your IT hardware and software lifecycle so that you can proactively create an IT strategy that is right for your business. 

Fully Managed IT Support

Get in touch with us today  to find out how our cost-effective and result-oriented IT hardware and software support can provide lasting value to your business.