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Electronic Supplier in Dubai -SSE Dubai

We are a pioneering IT services company in Dubai who are solely focused on delivering high-quality service to our customers and forging long-lasting relationships through our products and services. We offer best-in-class solutions in hardware, software, cybersecurity, networking, licensing, storage, and more.

As a leading electronics supplier in Dubai, UAE we help companies take their businesses to new heights. Over the years, our partners from across the world have come to rely on us for flexible, creative IT solutions that we offer at a competitive price.

IT Supply for Global Multinational Companies

Instant deliveries & quick responses to quotes 

Corporate SMB, Enterprise IT support & services

24/7 remote & online IT support

Since 1996, Silver Star Electronics LLC, have been providing seamlessly operating IT to business owners, procurement managers and IT buyers throughout the UAE. 

Our passion for providing the best value, advanced IT solutions, quality IT products and 24/7 service has not only allowed our customers to concentrate on what they do best, but has helped their businesses, whether start-up or multinational, go from strength to strength. 

​By assisting our customers’ growth, we too have grown over the past 24 years. With years of experience and a reputation as the  most reliable IT products & solutions procurement in the MENA region, we’ve become one of the leaders in the IT industry.

With our dedicated and highly skilled sales and support team offering a full range of IT support services and solutions, our customers never have to worry.

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